Vajra Blue

Mindfulness and Compassion. Understanding trauma in young people.

Vajra Blue


A vajra.
A tantric symbol and ritual implement

Why vajra blue?

Blue has multiple meanings. It is the colour of depression or the wide open sky, and the true colour of water.

It is also the colour of the archetypal Buddha figure Akshobya, found in the mandala of the five Buddhas in Tibetan buddhism.

He became enlightened by following his vow to give up ill will.

He managed this and is renowned for his “mirror like” wisdom, seeing things exactly as they are, and leaving his added feelings out of his response.

I do a good line in ill will, and have had a sympathetic connection to this mythical symbol for well over twenty years.

The vajra is his symbol, and is a sort of buddhist version of the imoveable object meeting the iresistible force. The diamantine thunderbolt.

In reality the vajra is a symbol of grit and persistence. Grit being one of the qualities that helps a human to flourish.

I wear a small silver vajra on a chain around my neck. This is to remind me to persist in what I do. To remind me that ill will, and the added feelings and thoughts about events only tend to make things worse.

It is not events that cause us problems but what we make of them.

If we choose to approach events with kindness, both for others and ourselves, the outcome will tend to be better.

Persistence and mirror like wisdom add a great deal to any venture, and are particularly useful if you follow a spiritual path.

They are a great aid to compassion and engagement with the world.

Sandy Seton-Browne 2014

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