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Reasons to be grateful #1

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Something nice to study, phoning up a buddy
Being in my nuddy
Saying hokey-dokey, Sing Along With Smokey
Coming out of chokey
John Coltrane’s soprano, Adi Celentano
Bonar Colleano
Reasons to be cheerful part 3
Ian Dury.

This afternoon I walked down to the shops at the end of the road. It is about a fifteen minute walk and given the weather forecast I was sensibly carrying my umbrella.

When it rains here in Perth it does its best to make up for lost time. Four of five long, hot, dry months of summer, when there is hardly a cloud in the sky let alone rain, takes a bit of making up for. So here it Perth in the winter,  when it rains it really rains.

Stair rods, cats and dogs, and even a monsoon have nothing on a Perth downpour.

Perhaps predictably, I had only managed to get as far as the pelican crossing on the main road, when the heavens opened. Heavily enough that within a couple of seconds there were streams, complete rivers of water pouring off the points of my bright blue umbrella, and splashing into the puddle forming around my feet.

Just as I was hunching my shoulders and preparing to get really wet, a blue car pulled up in front of me, the traffic light was in its favour, but nevertheless it stopped and the driver, who was hidden behind a rain drenched windscreen, waved me across the road.

I didn’t need a second invitation, and skipped across the road and dived under the nearest awning –  ending up only slightly damp. Waving my thanks as I went.

So, yes, I am grateful, and would like to say thanks to the unknown driver of the blue car who so kindly saved me from a soaking.

Interestingly, I have had a smile on my face ever since.

Kindness and gratitude go a long way to making the world a better place for all of us.

So, go on, I dare you,  be grateful and let the world know all about it!


Author: SandySB

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