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Mindfulness and Compassion. Understanding trauma in young people.

How to start the move from depression to happiness.


I’m sure many of us care about how we will look back on our lives on our deathbed, but the value of our lives comes from the experiences of pleasure and purpose over our lifetimes and not from a judgement we might make at an arbitrarily chosen moment in time.

Paul Dolan.

Most of us want to avoid depression and to be happy. Happiness is something that we pursue with varying degrees of intensity. There are even greater variations in the success that we have in pursuing this Holy Grail of the emotional world. Much of the time we do not even seem to be aware of what we mean by happiness, and seem to have even less idea of how we might possess it. Continue reading

Self compassion: put your own oxygen mask on first.


Compassion is not just an emotion one might feel after reading something sad or heartbreaking. Our compassion is a source of energy and strength. It is the basis for our actions in the world.

From Zooburbia: Meditations on the Wild Animals Among Us, by Tai Moses

As a young child, I flew the Atlantic several times to spend school holidays with my parents in Quebec.

It always seemed odd to me that the air stewardesses (as they were called in those days) gave this instruction.

A diet of British films, featuring the incomparable British stiff upper lip, had always given me the idea that it should be “Women and children first”, not everyone look out for themselves. so it took a while to work it out.

I suspect that many of us feel uncomfortable putting ourselves first, thinking that this makes us selfish, bad people.

But this is not the case.

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